farm house in Tuscany, Venturo typical farm houses throughout the year
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The farm which is located in the country "Sillico" Ishmael breed pigs and cattle in the wild. We have a large space, an olive grove, a vineyard, a field with fruit trees and grow the famous turkish wheat with name of origin "Formenton 8 rows. To the delight of the eyes and the smell of the guests, we have a well stocked wine cellar, a show! Beef of the highest quality high, special olive oil, extra virgin olive oil for the restaurant. Fresh fruit to be consumed immediately after taking it from the tree .. or for the delicious cakes baked with love or even for genuine jam to eat for 1 year. With wheat turkish "Eight Formeton File" crushed stone, prepare fabulous "polenta" or "toast". Vineyards that are the good position toward the sun, we get great grapes to make good wine, reserved exclusively for our guests ...


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