farm house in Tuscany, Venturo typical farm houses throughout the year
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Garfagnana, beautiful, lush land is characterized by its micro climate and in the past has not been a very generous land but its inhabitants are very strong and determined, up from antiquity were able to select cultures and fruit trees that have good coming adapted to have prizes and official recognition as a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) for local products, only the ones that nature offers in spontaneously as the Garfagnana Porcini mushrooms or blueberries or raspberries. In the waters of the streams you can fish beautiful trout Fario, a species particularly like the taste of meat. Ishmael is an excellent expert on meat, raising of livestock. Ismal despite his many commitments, will not fail on the board reviews his "masterpiece", the potato bread, baked in a wood! Guests will also have fabulous marmalades produced the tree farm and the famous cookies made from chestnut flour, a typical product Winner of 2nd Prize National City Castelnuovo della Castagna "in addition to exceptional pies and nooks Tuscan" delicacies prepared with care by Cinzia.


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